Metalurges Title

I graduated from Clark University in l967, did graduate work in psychology at NYU til l970, and then...discovered my artistic soul. After classes at Greenwich House Pottery in Manhattan, I moved to San Francisco to pursue an alternative life style as a potter. Always the pragmatist, and tired of artistic poverty, I became founder and president of Pottery by Levine in l980. The company grew successfully til 1994 when it was (joyfully) sold.

In my second artistic life as a welder, I have reinterpreted my love of color and design to a steel medium. I try to balance function, artistry, and practicality - to bring a feminine touch to a more traditionally male medium. Most of my work is fabricated from sheet steel, then painted in artistís oils. I recently started to create pieces for the garden, and realized fighting rust was a losing battle. SoÖI learned to weld aluminum and use solvent dyes for color. I am always experimenting with form and colorants. That is one of the most exciting parts of being an artist.

My work is mostly functional. I am slightly overwhelmed by a blank canvas, but if you give me functional limits (a clock, mirror, table, etc.) I like to push the envelope as far as I can. I start by creating a dissonant design, and then the fun begins by trying to resolve it into a finished form. My style leans strongly towards Cubism - partly because of the nature of sheet steel, and partly from personal taste. I drift into Retro, but usually with a cubist edge.

I gravitate towards abstract design, but I love to smile so I always try to introduce some form of humor or unexpected lightness into my finished pieces. I look for something unpredictable to slightly jar the vision.

After 10 years in Portland, Oregon, I recently moved to Forestville, Ca. This is my first time in a semirural environment, and I am hopeful the new location will bring new visions. Time will tell.

© Susan Levine


Sebastopol, CA